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  1. Fadia Radwan says:

    Ever since i have joined the yoga and pilates classes, i have experienced much better strength and endurance. I greatly enjoy the classes and always look forward to attending them. I’m glad i got the chance to meet Parthi and hope to continue attending her classes.

  2. Bashayer says:

”I have been attending Parthi’s classes for 4 months till now. She is a consistent, knowledgable and upbeat instructor.Her classes reflect her heart and soul–they are always exactly what I need!” I highly recommend Parthi as a qualified and understanding teacher of yoga.”

  3. Priyanka says:

    I have learned Yoga and Pilates under many instructurs, but Parthi is THE BEST in all of them. Teacher with professional knowledge smile human and energetic one,supporter and creative teacher who adapted me the right the exercises according to my abilities.
    . Strongly recommend Parthi for taking private lessons or as part of a small group.

  4. Moksha says:

    It was a great session with Parthi di. She is a very good yoga teacher and a person with pure heart. I recommend her yoga classes to all age groups as she is skill in her profession. Waiting for her classes in Ahmedabad. Too short but too sweet. Thank you di.

  5. Dr.Areej Mufti says:

    Since I joined yoga classes with Parthi, not only my body shape improved but my mood; sleep quality, making of decisions.I became more in harmony with and more…

    Thank you Parthy for all the beauty u give…

  6. Carel Adem says:

    I met Parthi one year ago and she’s one of my best yoga instructor , she pushed me out from my comfort zone and learned some really amazing postures I had really become comfortable with Thank you Parthi?? for being such a beautiful and genuine Soul!!! 🙂

  7. RMJ says:

    It was a nice experienve that made me feel relaxed and gave me positove energery
    Thank u so much Parthi for ur beautiful soul!!

  8. Lina h jundi says:

    Parthi is a great yoga instructor ,she has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable in class ,she has a certain teaching style , the ability to cater both beginners and advanced students at the same time .She likes what she is doing and this feeling is transferred to us as well . She is great in watching us focusing on our postures and making sure no one is going to get injured . She is professional by inspire her students to open expand and release tension ?. I really enjoy having yoga practice with this instructor . Thank you Parthi ❤️

  9. Alaa Alay says:

    I have taken several of Parthi’s classes because she is wonderful. She is knowledgable and focused. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.
    Her classes are refreshing and renewing to the mind and body.

    Best of luck

  10. Leen says:

    Parthi was my PT and tbh she’s a hard worker and helped my A LOT through my new lifestyle she’s amazing she’s the BEST

  11. Dana says:

    I have been doing yoga for a few years and decided to take some personal sessions with Parthi. She is definitely the best instructor I have had. She was adamant at ensuring that I was using the right technique and that my poses were 100% accurate. My strength, flexibility, and endurance increased within only a few sessions. She always challenged me to do more and, to my own surprise, I was able to do more than I imagined. Also, the control that she has over her own body and the poses that she is able to do are incredible!

  12. Roa Azzam says:

    I have been doing yoga with parthi for a few months, I didn’t like yoga ar first but with parthi i start loving it
    Because she is one of the best uoga instructor she’s passionate she’s dedicated she has the best energy and spirit to give ger best to her students. I learned a lot from her and i am willing to learn more. Because I just love her 💓

  13. Mirvat daghestani says:

    بارتي وحده من افضل مدربات اليوفا علي مستوي المملكه لانها تتميز بروح شغافه ناعمه وهاديه ومرونه عاليه في جسدها ومتقنه عملها من كل النواحي فهي مؤدبه ومرنه ومتعاونة ومخلصه في عملها

  14. Leen says:

    I’ve been attending Parthi’s yoga classes for some time now and I love them. I always leave her classes feeling super relaxed and at the same time I feel like I had a good workout. I love how the movements in the class are slow yet repetitive so that if you feel like you did a move wrong the first time you can do it again and feel the stretch better the second time.

  15. Mariam says:

    Ever since I joined Parthi’s classes, my flexibility, posture and body shape improved. She is well knowledged, patient and quite motivating. I think that she is an amazing yoga instructor and also a beautiful person inside out. I strongly recommend her.

  16. Sarraa says:

    I have been Personal Training with Parthi for a while now, and I’ve lost 15 kilos! It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever been this close to reaching my fitness goal, alhamdulillah. I also enjoy our relaxing post-workout stretches.

    Parthi is friendly, positive, calm and, most importantly for me, very patient; something I really appreciate.

    I can’t wait to reach my final goal with her – not long now insha’Allah!

    Thank you Parthi.

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